The badass RPG game for .NET CLI.

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UR is a badass multiplatform RPG game, released as Free Software under the GNU General Public License. I'm writing it in C# with Mono multiplatform compatibility in mind, targetting POSIX and GNU compatible OSes like GNU/Linux and BSD in particular. It uses industry standard technologies such as XML to contain the game world. It will utilise the Axiom object oriented 3D engine as its rendering backend. UR is a little on the back burner right now as I complete some other projects, and until Axiom is usable under POSIX (I've been contributing a little code towards this). Another feature that I'm going to be designing this in mind with is distributed processing, allowing UR to be run accross networks at multiple levels (including multiplater gaming!) Stay tuned!

In the year 3224, taking fell advantage of a State weakened by a recently ended long-run war, an usurper took the throne of the long and proud lineage of the Acorn Kings. An Overlander who supposedly defected from the other side, the Crown made him the Minister of War, in the hopes that his familiarity of Overlander tactics would be significant use. He enslaved the populace and threw the true King into a crawlspace of time and space, and forced loyalists lucky enough to evade capture into hiding. The once beautiful city of Mobotropolis was reduced to a filthy, polluted characature of what it once was. Anyone lucky enough to be outside of the major population centres have lived in a constant state of fear and anxiety, not only of the hovering, ever-present threat of the usurper, but of the perpetual state of anarchy that grips the not yet totally enslaved outer provinces. Such trying times brought out the best... and the worst in Mobians.

11 years later, in 3235, you're ready to take it back. You'll emerge from your secretive hideout of Knothole Village, where the few remainig reminants of your people still bide their time...

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